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The Little Thetford Village Hall, a registered charity with the number 1055086, held its annual general meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 22 July 2014. The annual returns for 31 December 2013 were received by the Charity Commission on 23 July 2014.

We seem to get more and more plastic bags being delivered collecting on behalf of one charitable organisation or another. Are they all genuine? Well, that is hard for us as householders to tell. All collectors must hold a House to House Collections Act 1939 National Exemptions Order issued by the Home Office or a House to House Collection License issued by the local council, in our case, East Cambridgeshire District Council.

It turns out that the “NSPCC”, whose recent bag is being distributed and collected by Clothes Aid, is indeed one of the 44 organisations holding a National Exemption Order from the Home Office (PDF). In addition, and as a courtesy, Clothes Aid informed East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) that they will be collecting in the ECDC area between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015. On the other hand, it appears that “Helping Our Soldiers”, whose recent bag is being distributed by Maksim Ltd, does not hold a National Exemption order from the Home Office nor, according to an ECDC spokesperson, does “Helping Our Soldiers” hold a House to House Collection License to collect on Friday 18 July 2014 within the ECDC area (SVG).

If you suspect that such apparently charitable collections are not genuine, simply do not put anything in the bag. You can always give directly to your favourite charity’s high street shop, many of whom offer a personal collection service anyway.

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The latest village newsletter is now online. If you’re in the village – a printed copy should have already come through your door.

Bob Young discovered today that BT can offer him fibre to his home. This means that most premises in Little Thetford should be able to get superfast broadband now, at least from BT.

You may recall that in February last year we wrote that BT had signed a deal with Cambridgeshire County Council to provide 90 percent of Cambridgeshire homes with superfast broadband by 2015. See the article here. It appears that, according to Connecting Cambridgeshire – Cabinets now in service, superfast broadband went live in Little Thetford on 23 March 2014. Check your own availability using BT (Can I get fibre broadband) but at the time of writing, superfast broadband should be available from BT, at least to most premises in Little Thetford.

At the time of writing, only BT offered superfast broadband to my premises in Little Thetford. When I checked, none of Sky Broadband, Talk-Talk nor Virgin Media were offering superfast broadband to my own premises.

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Edit: 22 April 2014. According to Connecting Cambridgeshire, the Little Thetford area champions are Ann Wardle and Sandra Thompson. Thank you both for promoting Little Thetford so successfully. Connecting Cambridgeshire also tell me that EE, Plusnet and Primus Saver are now offering fibre service to Little Thetford. Connecting Cambridgeshire have asked me to point out their article How to Get superfast broadband. Do let us know how you get on.

The latest village newsletter is now online. If you’re in the village – a printed copy should have already come through your door.

Local Govt. revue. June 14The Parish Council has applied to East Cambridgeshire District Council to reduce the number of Parish Councillors from nine to seven.  This process requires the District Council to set up a Community Governance Review and to publish its “Terms of Reference”.


A PDF version of  these “terms of reference” can be found on the EDCD web site community review page under related publications. For your convenience, we provide a link to the formal notice (PDF 32.65 KB) and a link to the the terms of reference (PDF 118.35 KB). The terms of reference are also posted on the village hall inside noticeboard or may be viewed by contacting,  Robert Bullen, Parish Council Chairman on 01353 649268.

The latest village newsletter is now online. If you’re in the village – a printed copy should have already come through your door.

Poster for 'Hospice at Home'event

Poster for ‘Hospice at Home’event

The B4’s are playing at the Little Thetford village hall on Saturday 12 April 2014 between 7:30 pm and 11:30 pm. This fund-raising gig is in aid of the Arthur Rank ‘Hospice at Home’ service.

Each £10 ticket can only be purchased in advance. For details, call the fundraising office on 01223 723115 or 07900 504841.

When you attend the event, please send us some photos.

The latest village newsletter is now online. If you’re in the village – a printed copy should have already come through your door.

ECDC recycling leaflet

ECDC recycling leaflet

Our new, er large, wheelie bins have arrived. If your leaflet got a soaking during the rain which occurred during delivery, you may view or print the leaflet by clicking the image on the right.

The July leaflet from East Cambridgeshire District Council describing the new wheelie bins service is reproduced here. You may recall we discussed this service in October last year and more recently in February this year.