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Tweed Vixen

Robert and Judy Young are proud to announce the birth today of daughter Alison Taylor’s on-line boutique, Tweed Vixen. A beaming Bob said that this is a “very exciting time” whilst Judy is speechless with dignified appreciation. Daniel Taylor, 39, who supports the enterprise by designing the marketing material said that this was “[a long time] in planning followed by a terrifying six-weeks culminating in a launch that went as planned. [I am] nervous but very happy”. Alison said she was “nervous but excited” and went on to explain that they launched the ladies wear today; the men’s wear is in the planning stage and will launch very soon. One of Alison’s Twitter followers @NaomiMc commented “Yay yay yay RT @tweedvixen: British Country Style with an Urban Twist, TweedVixen Boutique is Open!”.

Alison’s long-time interest in British Tweed1 led her, in August 2010, to create Tweed Vixen’s blog to considerable international acclaim; her writing generating a large and devoted following. Encouraged by her supportive father, Alison submitted a business plan to the bank which was subsequently approved. Alison designs her own Tweed Vixen range of clothing and accessories, such as this 100% Scottish Lambswool Camel Crew Sweater and this Sterling Silver Feather Necklace as well as carefully selecting additional quality products to compliment her own range.

We all wish Alison the success her hard work deserves.

1 Tweed, n. Etymology. A trade name originating in an accidental misreading of tweel, Scots form of twill n.1 (or a misunderstanding of an abbreviated tweeled twilled adj.1), helped by association with the River Tweed. OED Second edition, 1989; online version June 2012. [subscription required]

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