We have been examining the census records for the Three Horseshoes through the years 1841 through to 1911 using Ancestry.co.uk.

1841 Census

1841 Census

In 1841,

  • James Markwell aged 30 (c1811-), farmer
  • Sarah Markwell aged 45 (c1796-)
  • Emma Markwell 8 (c1833-)
  • George Markwell 6 (c1835-)
  • Alfred Markwell 4 (c1837-)
  • Albert Markwell 2 (c1839-)
1851 Census

1851 Census

In 1851,

  • James Yarrow aged 38 (c1813), farmer of 21 acres employing 3 labourers from Cambs, Thetford
  • Charlotte Yarrow aged 34 (c1817), wife from Cambs, Thetford
  • James Yarrow 4 (c1847-), son from Cambs, Thetford
  • Rachael Yarrow 10 mo (c1850), daughter from Cambs, Thetford
1861 Census

1861 Census

In 1861,

  • Owen Yarrow aged 30 (c1831), Innkeeper and butcher from Cambs, Thetford
  • Elizabeth Yarrow aged 28 (c1833-), wife from Cambs, St Mary’s, Ely
  • John Owen Yarrow aged 1 (c 1860-), son from Cambs, Thetford
1871 Census

1871 Census

In 1871,

  • Owen Yarrow aged 39 (c1832), Innkeeper, butcher with 5 acres from Cambs, Thetford
  • Elizabeth Yarrow aged 38 (c1833-), wife from Cambs, Ely
  • Thomas K Yarrow aged 8 (c 1863-), son from Cambs, Thetford
  • Fredrick O Yarrow aged 6 (c1865-), son from Cambs, Thetford
  • Sidney P Yarrow aged 1 (c1870-), son from Cambs, Thetford
1881 Census

1881 Census

In 1881,

  • Owen Yarrow aged 48 (c1833-), Publican & farmer 45 acres of land 4 employed from Thetford, Cambs
  • Elizabeth Yarrow aged 49 (c1832-), wife, farmers wife from Ely, Cambs
  • Thomas Thompson Yarrow aged 18 (c 1863-), farmers son from Thetford, Cambs
  • Fredrick Owen Yarrow aged 15 (c1866-), son, farmers son from Thetford, Cambs
  • Sidney Pavet Yarrow aged 11 (c1870-), son, scholar from Thetford, Cambs
1891 Census

1891 Census

In 1891,

  • Owen Yarrow aged 59 (c1832-), farmer from Cambs, Thetford
  • Elizabeth Yarrow aged 58 (c1833-), wife from Cambs, Ely
  • Fredrick Owen Yarrow aged 23 (c1868-), son from Cambs, Thetford
  • Sidney Pavet Yarrow aged 21 (c1870-), son from Cambs, Thetford
1901 Census

1901 Census

In 1901,

  • George Scarrow aged 34 (c1867-), Head, Inn Keeper from Cambridge Ely
  • Angelina Scarrow aged 34 (c1867-), wife from Cambridge Christchurch
  • Lydia R Scarrow aged 4 (c1897-), daughter from Cambridge Christchurch
  • Albert G Scarrow aged 3 (c1898-), son from Cambridge Christchurch
  • Joseph R Scarrow aged 1 (c1900-), son from Cambridge Thetford
  • Amie A G Scarrow aged 3 mo (c1900-), daughter from Cambridge Thetford
1911 Census

1911 Census

In 1911,

  • Fredrick Owen Yarrow aged 46 (c1865-), son, farmer and innkeeper from Thetford, Cambs
  • Esther Yarrow aged 49 (c1862-), wife, farmers wife from Ely, Cambs
  • Frederick V Yarrow aged 14 (c 1897-), farmers son from Thetford, Cambs
  • Harry Yarrow aged 12 (c1899-), son, scholar from Thetford, Cambs
  • Alexander Yarrow aged 8 (c1903-), son from Thetford, Cambs
  • Owen Yarrow aged 80 (c1831-), father, widower from Thetford, Cambs

The Three Horseshoes landlords listed in the register of licensees in the 19th Century are recorded here

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