Little Thetford and the Great War : 1914 – 1918

Compiled by Bob Young

Those Who Took Part
The vicar of Stretham and Little Thetford Rev. S. Stewart Stitt, who lost his son in the 1914-18 War recorded all those that took part in the war at the Church Annual Vestry Meeting in 1919.
George Bishop
Harry Byatt
Bert Bonnett and his brother Jack Bonnett
Martin Cranwell
Jos. Creek
William Creek
Thomas Cross
Eric Dewsbury R.I.P
Alfred Deswsberry R.I.P. and his brother Arthur Dewsberry R.I.P
George Dewsbury D.C.M and his brothers Fredrick, Bert and Arthur
Jos. Driver and his brothers Clement R.I.P and Richard
W.L. Elford
Albert Gillett and brothers Edwin and Sidney
John Gent and brothers James R.I.P. and Thomas
Robert Hall and brothers Horace, Donald, and Chas
Cyril Hall
Issac Hinkin
David Howard R.I.P
Harry Lowe and brothers George, William, John and James R.I.P.
James Mason and his brother Thomas Mason R.I.P.
Charles and his brother George
Harry Norman M.M.
Charles Newman
Claude Taylor and his brothers Malcolm and Edward
Ernest Taylor and his brother Albert
George Thompson
Ernest Thompson and his brother Albert
Albert Scarrow
Joseph Scarrow
Jack Utteridge
William Wright and his brothers Fredrick D.C.M., M.M. and Jack R.I.P.
Owen Yarrow R.I.P.
F. Victor Yarrow
William Yarrow
R.I.P. Rest in Peace
Sidney and Albert Gage are not on Rev. Stitt’s list.