Little Thetford

The Peoples Ford, By Mike Petty.
The history and tradition of Little Thetford. Including photos of buildings and newspaper clippings from the 18th Century onwards.

The Lost Public Houses of Little Thetford, By Judy Young.
Like most English villages, Little Thetford had a number of different public houses. This articles looks at the history.

Railways of Little Thetford in the 19th Century, By John Drewry.
The railway changed the face of Little Thetford in the 19th Century. This article explains, including plenty of photos.

Church Leaders Little Thetford and Stretham since 1222, By Alan Hall.
Church of England history since 1222. Baptist Church leadership since 1839.

Looking Back: Little Thetford, By Mike Petty.
Mike looks back at previous articles from the Cambridge Evening News relating to Little Thetford.

The Round House past and present.
The history of the village’s Round House from the late 15th century until the present day.
See also a video of the construction of the timber frame of the building behind the Round House

The Little Thetford Electoral Register 1949-53.
Mr John Kisby did the Register Preparation for the years 1949-53 and he retained copies of them. See who lived in your house then!

Flooding in Little Thetford: 1947.
John Kisby’s vivid account of the flooding in Little Thetford: 1947

John Sole – 1741-1802.
John Sole was a british botanist, born in Little Thetford.

The catch-water drain.
The Little Thetford catch-water drain was constructed in 1838.

First World War

The Great War, By Bob Young.
Including details of the village’s war dead, injuries, prisoners, and awards. Also, the complete list of who took part.

Second World War

The Second World War, By Bob Young.
Details of the village’s participation.

Luftwaffe attack.
Luftwaffe attack in Little Thetford – Jan 1941

Lord Haw Haw Calling.
The story of Lord Haw Haw

Jack Haynes – War Stories.
War stories of Jack Haynes by his oldest son Fredrick

War Story of William Dickenson.
The war story of Corporal William Dickenson of the 4th Battalion.