This Swan’s Neck Sun Pin find, indicates that Sun Worship Culture occurred in Little Thetford.

Iron Age Swans Neck Pin

Iron Age Swan's Neck Pin

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The Wheel
The sun symbol dates back to the Bronze Age and is connected with the chariot wheel. It is not clear whether it has roots in Celtic culture but the four-spoke wheel was meant to represent its solar connection.

However, the sun wheel was an important symbol and was often depicted in their art. The ancient Celts presented wheels as offering to the gods. They left them at shrines, threw them into rivers and many are found in tombs cast as amulets in bronze and worn as decoration.

The Celtic sun wheel is associated especially with the Celtic sky god Taranis. Taranis was depicted wielding a thunderbolt and a wheel.

Taranis bronze figure with wheel and thunderbolt found at Le Chatelet, Gourzon, Haute-Marne, France:

Celtic sky god Taranis

Celtic sky god Taranis