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A new page has been added Jack Haynes – War Stories – War stories of Jack Haynes by his oldest son Fredrick.

Thanks to all who helped with the litter pick – it’s amazing how much was found – this below was after just one hour!!

Litter Pick Results

Litter Pick Results

By popular request, and with many thanks to Claire for her permission, we now have many more pictures of Claire McGinleys pastel works on the website. We’ve put together a little gallery of some of her works.

Cathedral Light

The June/July edition of the Little Thetford Parish Newsletter is out and now online.

We’ve added a photo gallery page for photos of Little Thetford and surrounding parish. We invite people to send in any interesting pictures for us to add to the gallery.

Lt. Thetford Parish Council.

Can You Help with a  “Litter Pick” Around the village on

Saturday May  29th 10am – 12n

If yes, please report to the Village Hall Car Park at 10am.

Black bags and a small supply of equipment will be supplied but
if you can bring gardening gloves, florescent bands or
jackets and pickers that would be helpful.

Further information from Jennifer Staines.
Tel. 649733.

Did you know you can read the Ely Standard and Ely City Guide online? It seems not everyone gets the Ely Standard weekly paper any more, so here’s a chance to get access to it again, for free.

Free registration gets you online access to the Ely Standard weekly paper and the Ely City Guide as well as the Jobs paper and guide to local businesses. Click the link above for more information and to register.

We’ve added a couple of new items to the archaeology section including some broaches and fishing weights. (see the Archaelogy page)

There’s also a local Witchford walk which takes in part of Little Thetford (see the Walks section)

We’ve added some audio of Janet Braybrooke – our village post woman singing Don’t cry for me Argentina (See the Music page under Recreation).

And finally we have a nice new weather widget on the right hand side of the page showing the 5 day outlook. Click the arrows to the side of the map to show rain, pressure or temperature.

We’ve added some information about the Swan Mark you might have seen if you drive from Ely to Little Thetford past Braham Farm (see location on StreetView).

Mr John Kisby did the Register Preparation for the years 1949-53 and he retained copies of them. See who lived in your house then.