Little Thetford village parish - Rights of way and points of interest
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Footpaths in the parish are marked in green lines, with the blue and green pins,  denoting either end of the path. Click on the pins to see more information. The map also shows paths that continue into surounding parishes.

Points of Interest are marked with red and white pins - click on the pin for more info including photos and links to the Little Thetford website.

Thetford Parish Boundary is marked in a thick blue line.

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Photographs retain all associated copyrights of their respective creators. We would love to receive photos (and the exact locations where taken) of interesting points in the village - in particular points along any of the footpaths.

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The underlying map information is provided here by Ordnance Survey OpenSpace utility.

The overlaid information including footpaths and boundaries is not to be interpreted as accurate or official data and may change at any time.