Little Thetford : Residents' Survey

Background to the report
This report presents the findings of the resident's survey conducted to inform the development of Little Thetford's Parish Plan.

The questionnaire was developed by the Parish Plan steering group who also delivered and collected the questionnaires.

The Parish Plan steering group commissioned an independent research company, Community Consultants, to collate and analyse the findings and to write this report. Any interpretation in this report represents the views of the independent company.

Little Thetford Residents' Survey
Summary of Main Findings
This short summary presents the main findings of a survey conducted to inform the development of Little Thetford Parish Plan for selected questions. It is based on replies from 320 individuals in 169 households in the village.

In general, residents seem happy with life in Little Thetford and have few serious complaints. The two main concerns were dog fouling and access on to the A10. The vast majority of residents valued the rural setting of the village. The Little Thetford Newsletter is read by almost all respondents who generally find it useful.

Crime and public safety: One third of respondents (37%) consider crime and safety to be a problem with the main concerns being vehicle speeding (35%) and burglary (21%). Just over half the sample (53%) thought there should be a more active police presence and 33% would like to join a neighbourhood watch scheme.

Environmental concerns: By far the main concern was dog fouling (63%). Other concerns were traffic (25% concerned) and litter (23%). 39% of respondents thought there should be a twice yearly Spring Clean day. 30% of respondents thought there should be more litter bins and more dog bins. The vast majority of respondents thought street lighting adequate.

When asked which of a number of environmental measures they would support, 77% would support more recycling, 62% energy saving in the home, 62% solar panels on private houses and 58% the co-operative purchasing of oil.

Drainage: A quarter of residents thought the drainage of surface water needed improving, particularly by the slip road from the A10 into the village and on Holt Fen.

Natural environment: The natural environment was very important to residents (87% rated this as important). The majority of respondents (82%) were aware of the conservation area and 80% would support extending this. 30% said they would be prepared to make a practical; contribution to conservation. There was support for better signage of footpaths (44% not well signed) and 71% would like to see walk leaflets or maps.

Traffic problems: Access on to the A10 and speeding traffic thought the village were the main issues. 78% thought access on to the A10 was a problem. 46% would like to see a roundabout, 28% peak time traffic lights and 15% all-time traffic lights. Half the sample (51%) thought traffic speed through in and around the village was a problem with 65% wanting to see a 20 mph speed limit, 38% flashing speed warning signs, 35% road markings and 22% additional signs.

Roads, pavements and cycle paths: The majority of respondents thought the condition of roads and pavements good or adequate but 20% thought the condition of the cycle path to Ely was poor. Respondents who cycled or wished to cycle would like to see the cycle path to Ely improved and/or extended.

Car and bus use: The majority of respondents (89%) have access to a car. A total of 43% of respondents never use a bus with 5% using a bus daily and 6% once a week. 20% said they would use a bus more if it came into the village.

New developments: There was little support for further development, with 13% saying there was room for new dwellings within the development envelope. Only 10% would like to see any new dwellings outside the envelope. Just over a quarter of the sample (27%) would like to see areas for affordable housing.

Communication: The Little Thetford Newsletter was an important source of information. Almost all respondents (90%) said they read it with 94% of readers saying it was useful. The current bi-monthly format was the preferred frequency for two in three residents.

Working from home: Just under half the respondents (44%) thought faster broadband was needed to make it more feasible to work from home.

Dial-a-Ride and Social Car Schemes: Half the sample (49%) had heard of Dial-a-Ride rising to 73% of those aged 75 or over. 3% overall and 15% of those aged 75+ used Dial-a- Ride. A smaller proportion (21%) had heard of the Social Car Scheme with 3% having used it, rising to 9% of those aged 75 or over.

Support for young people: Half the respondents aged 18 or under would like a youth club but half would not. Just under half the young people (46%) would like to see a youth shelter but a similar proportion said they would not.

Residents' Survey Findings
This report presents the key findings from the Residents' Survey conducted to inform the development of the Little Thetford Parish Plan.

Questionnaires were distributed to every occupied property in the village (277) in March 2009. A total of 169 questionnaires were returned, a response rate of 61%.

The questionnaire allowed for completion by up to four members of a household. There was an additional section for completion by young people aged 11-18. Most, but not all, of the young people completing this section also completed the main questionnaire.

A total of 320 residents completed the main part of the questionnaire, of whom 292 were aged 18 or above. A total of 39 young people (two of whom were aged 18) completed questionnaires with 13 young people only completing the section for young people.

In this report, most questions relate to individuals and are based on 320 responses. Some questions relate to the household and are based on 169 responses.

In self completion questionnaires of this type, a significant proportion of respondents do not indicate a response to some questions. In our view this is usually because their answer is 'no' rather than that they do not have an opinion.

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