Little Thetford : Residents' Survey

2. Safety and crime
2.1 Crime and safety
Just over one in three respondents (37%) consider crime and safety to be a problem in the village with 57% saying it was not a problem and 6% not replying to the question. People aged 60-74 were the most likely to be concerned (48%).

Figure 2.1 shows the issue of most concern is vehicle speeding (35%) with one in five (21%) being concerned about theft or burglary and 10% about vandalism.

Figure 2.1 Concern about crime and safety in the village

2.2 Policing and neighbourhood watch
The survey asked for residents' opinions on the response of the police regarding a crime in Little Thetford in the last year and 10% of respondents gave an opinion. Views on the police response were mixed with a total of 4% thinking the response was good, 2% that is was reasonable and 4% that it was poor. Just over half the sample 52% said they had no contact and 38% did not reply.

Just over half the sample (53%) thought the police presence in Little Thetford should be more active but 38% thought it should not. People aged 60-74 were the most likely to think the police presence should be more active (70%).

Views on joining a neighbourhood watch were mixed (and one respondent commented that they thought they already belonged to one).

  • 33% would like to join a neighbourhood watch (rising to 48% of those aged 60-74)
  • 29% would not like to join
  • 29% had no opinion
  • 9% did not reply

A total of 13% of respondents said they would be prepared to help with a neighbourhood watch scheme.