Little Thetford : Residents' Survey

5. Attitudes towards development
Respondents were asked whether or not they lived within the development envelope and 54% said that they did, 12% lived outside this but 28% did not know and 6% did not answer the question.
Figure 5.1 Opinion on new developments

New dwellings within the development envelope: The majority of respondents did not think there should be new dwellings in the development envelope (80%) but 13% thought there was room. A total of 16% of respondents who live in the development envelope thought there was room for more dwellings.

Should homes be allowed outside the development envelope: One in ten respondents (10%) thought dwellings should be allowed outside the development envelope but 59% did not. A total of 27% said they did not know. Overall, 71% of those living within the development envelope thought there should be no new dwellings outside as did 62% of those living outside the envelope.

Should there be areas earmarked for affordable housing: A quarter of the sample (27%) thought there should be areas allocated for affordable housing but 65% thought there should not.