Little Thetford : Residents' Survey

6. Information and communication
6.1 Awareness of Parish Council and its work
Nearly three in four respondents (72%) said they knew that Parish Council meetings were open to the public and that residents were able to address the meeting with any concerns they might have. Respondents aged 60-74 were the most likely to know this (85%).

The majority of respondents (87%) thought the coverage of its work in the newsletter and the village notice board was adequate. A total of 8% said it was not and 4% did not reply.

Suggestions for other ways in which the Parish Council might advertise its work are listed below:

  • Local newspapers
  • Large notice outside village hall on days of PC meeting
  • Mailshot the village
  • Separate leaflet
  • Little Thetford website, notice board before Cowslip Drive
  • More use of the web, Parish Council own web page e.g. publicise website - who runs it?
  • Much more use could be made of the website if known to be regularly updated
  • Newsletter
  • Newsletter is not monthly and the agenda is for up and coming business/planning applications may encourage attendance, should be monthly with agenda for next month
  • Village website
Table 6.1 Parish Council and newsletter

6.2 Little Thetford newsletter
Almost all respondents (90%) said they read the Little Thetford newsletter. 91% of those aged 25-59 said they read it as did all respondents aged 60 or over. Readership was only lower amongst those aged under 25.

The newsletter was thought to be useful, with 86% of the complete sample and 94% of those who read the newsletter finding it useful.

Suggestions for other items for including in the newsletter are listed below:

  • Add newsletter to new website
  • Crime updates
  • Bus timetables or where to get this info, school holiday dates
  • Football and cricket club info and match details
  • Sometimes out of date
  • Items for sale and wanted
  • Maps/routes to Ely by footpaths, history of village eg photos
  • More important information should be highlighted
  • Does not appear to be much going on in village - but anything arranged should be in
  • Walking groups
  • Would like newsletter delivered before the events
  • Social events at the social club to give people notice for babysitters etc
  • More news about activities, not just Church
  • Births, marriages, deaths, local achievement awards
  • Comic strip
  • Include all events including school, preschool and social club

Frequency of newsletter: The thirds of respondents (67%) thought the newsletter should be bi-monthly (as at present) with 24% thinking it should be monthly and 5% quarterly.

Table 6.3 Sources of information about the village

6.3 Sources of information about the village
When asked where they usually obtain information about the village, 78% said the Little Thetford Newsletter and 59% the notice boards. One in three respondents (36%) said local newspapers such as The Weekly News or Ely Standard, 19% a school newsletter and 4% the website. One in ten respondents mentioned other sources, mainly word of mouth or the social club.
Table 6.3 Sources of information about the village