Below are some pages on local information. If there is something you think should be added here, then please add a comment at the bottom of the page.

Important Information
Useful information about important local services and emergency services.

Parish Newsletters
Every couple of months a Parish Newsletter is distributed throughout the village. You can also view the latest one here and  also less recent ones.

Ely Standard and Ely City Guide – online
Free registration gets you online access to the Ely Standard weekly paper and the Ely City Guide as well as the Jobs paper and guide to local businesses. Click the link above for more information and to register.

Little Thetford Residents’ Survey
This report presents the findings of the residents survey conducted to inform the development of Little Thetford’s Parish Plan.

The questionnaire was developed by the Parish Plan steering group who also delivered and collected the questionnaires.

Parish Council
Member details as well as dates for the current year’s Parish Council meetings.
The John Townsend Charity (PDF download)

The John Townsend Charity
Setup in 1871 for the benefit of the Little Thetford Parish. Offers financial assistance to those who are sick or on low income.

St George’s Church
Details including the history, current team, dates and times of services, and some common names from Church records.

1st Little Thetford Girls Brigade
1st Little Thetford Girls Brigade

Village Hall information
Including maps and contact names and telephone numbers.

Little Thetford Pre-School & Children’s Club
Details on the Little Thetford Acorns Pre-school and Children’s Club.

Parish Conservation Volunteers
Details on the Conservation Area at the north eastern end of the village playing field. Established in 2006.

Little Thetford Women’s Institute
Meeting information

Geology of the village
Overlaid images showing the parish and the local geology